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Digital Processing

Digital Processing

With zooming cost of production and dwindling budgets, pressure of higher volumes of work at lower turnaround times with little or no margin for manual error, advent of technology and off course availability of quality and multi-tasking digital pre-press specialists around the globe, outsourcing of digital pre-press services has gained tremendous momentum in the last few years.

We have extensive expertise in providing a wide gamut of pre-press digital processing solutions. Cognitio houses an extremely strong and super-creative team of digital artists, with strong competence in digital art, illustrations, graphics and animation.

Our Digital Pre-press Workflow Solutions include but are not limited to the following activities:

  • Scanning, Digital Assembly, Storage & and Desk-top Publishing Pre-Press
  • Design Rectifications
  • Composing, Typesetting & Page Production
  • Graphic Design, Digital Re-touching, Enhancements, Restoration & Makeovers
  • Vectorisation, Masking, Clipping Path and Silhouetting
  • Background Alterations
  • Creation of Graphic Montages
  • Content Indexing & Editing
  • Proofing & Quality Audit for Content,
  • Mark-up & Annotations
  • Art Work & Graphics Editing and Processing
  • Keyboarding
  • Website Re-engineering, Re-design, Refurbishment


Our international clients have benefited from our cost-efficient and quality value-adding digital services, rapid response and through-put times, state-of-art infrastructure, latest software and demonstrated capabilities of our creative, reliable and technically expert digital artists.

Cognitio’s talented and skilled professionals use state-of-art digital pre-press infrastructure and latest software and graphic art tools including Adobe Creative Suite, Indesign, Word Pagination, QuarkXPress, PageMaker, Photoshop, Corel Draw, Illustrator Pro, Freehand, etc. Our professionals are extremely competent to produce and deliver high-quality pre-press output through fastest possible turnaround schedules and well within customer budgets.

The best way to reduce your print run costs is to outsource digital pre-press processes to Cognitio. Access to the best infrastructure, creative talents, expertise and improved efficiency of workflow are some of the direct benefits our clients derive through their association with us.

Restoration and Re-engineering of Images / Photos …

Cognitio’s digital photo retouching and restoration services help in modification, alteration, manipulation, editing, re-engineering, restoration of photos and images – old, new or damaged. Our photo restoration and re-engineering services include scanning, damage repair, digital texture enhancement, retouching, resizing, covering up, resolution improvement, colour correction, masking, background change or removal, balancing of tone and sharpness, polishing, storage, printing, etc.

Original prints, digital images and photographs are never tampered with. All restoration and re-engineering activities are done on digital copies of the original and the final retouched output are provided to the client in digital storage media as well in print, as desired by the client.

Digital Retouching, Restoration & Repair of Audio Visual Content …

We retrieve and restore film, video as well as audio media. Removal of dirt, dust, fungi, scratches, grains and stains; enhancement of colour, resolution and quality of images or sound, removal of spots, noises or disturbances, flicker reduction and stabilization of images are some of the audio-visual digital restoration services provided by Cognitio.

Illustration, Cover & Layout Design for Books, Magazines, Periodicals, E-Zines, etc. …

Design artists at Cognitio have years of experience in creating graphic art and illustrations for books and periodicals, both on and off-line. They are a competent lot of artists producing enticing yet professional, creative yet saleable cover designs for publications of all types. Designing inside page layouts along with the cover design is one of our strongest digital graphic design competencies. Design of covers and layouts for books, magazines, newsletters, journals are best left with us, while our clients could focus on working on the core content writing. A book often sells by its cover these days; hence we leave no stone unturned to produce cover design and layout that catches the imagination of the readers.

Website redesigning …

We provide website redesign services to improve browsing speed and efficiency, look and feel, quality of design, ease of navigation etc. At Cognitio we also take up complete re-engineering and refurbishment of websites.

Conclusion …

Automated processes, excellent technology and communication infrastructure, latest design software and tools coupled with a vibrant group of world-class digital pre-press professionals, utmost commitment towards quality and immaculate client-centric project management techniques makes Cognitio one of best organisations to outsource your digital pre-press processes to and get true value for your investments.


Get in touch with Cognitio at info@cognitio.com or call us on +1 (253) 242-1146 or +1 (415) 251-3173 or +91-79-4000 7881 and find out how we have imbibed various emerging industry trends to keep your nose ahead of competition and make your customers’ experiences enriching. Alternately you can request for information by filling up RFI/RFQ form.