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Branding Collaterals

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Branding Collaterals

Often confused as one and the same, the difference lies in the approach and execution. Branding is a continuous process. Its essence lies in continuity and integrity in all strategies, approach, activities and documentation. Branding collaterals are expected to carry the brand along with its identity, philosophy and positioning forward, creating lasting impressions in the buyers’ mind. Branding collaterals, managed strategically and responsibly, with judicious use of design, colour, marks, typography, etc. are irreplaceable assets for a brand. Brand recognition, awareness and recall are established with rigorous and innovative branding initiatives; creative, intelligent and effective branding collaterals being at the helm of such initiatives.

Branding Collaterals

Branding Collaterals essentially are a collection of discreet brand communication tools and media. Branding collaterals are utilised to launch, promote, maintain, enhance and rejuvenate brands. In congruence with the brand’s philosophy, values, character and aspirations, branding collaterals are integral part of marketing strategies and used to provide collateral support to all marketing, sales, pre-sales and business development activities.

Our Branding Collateral Design, Development and Print Services …

Concepts inspired by the brand’s philosophy and character, novel perspectives in visualization, innovative and state-of-art design are some of the salient features of Cognitio’s Branding Collateral Design and Development initiatives. We specialize in visualizing, designing, developing and printing of the following poignant and compelling Branding Collaterals –

  • Corporate Identity Design – Logos, Icons, Letterheads, Envelopes, Business Cards, etc.
  • Product Catalogues
  • Product / Service / Company Brochures
  • Collateral Folders & Corporate Stationery
  • Product / Service / Company Leaflets, Pamphlets, Flyers, etc.
  • Direct Mailers, Discount Coupons
  • Outdoor and Indoor Displays
  • Posters, Banners, Danglers, Sun Packs, Flex Displays, etc.
  • Exhibition Kiosks and Stalls, Tradeshow Graphics and Signage
  • Brand Packaging
  • DVD / CD / Blue Ray Disc Covers
  • Websites, E-Catalogues, E-Brochures, Digital Newsletters
  • Brand / Product / Service Presentations
  • Social Media Branding
  • Pont-of-Sale Takeaways
  • Sales Kits


Our mission, success of your brand …

Branding Collaterals are usually the first impression of a brand that a potential buyer is exposed to. Poor design, orientation and content of collaterals can seriously damage a brand’s fortune, forever. While professionally done, quality and innovative designs go a long way in enhancing the perceived value of a brand. Brand loyalty, faster recall, higher sales, faster take-offs and growing volumes are the fruits of quality design and content of branding collaterals.

At Cognitio, we understand that a strong identity is an extremely crucial and indispensable asset for a brand fighting it out for its share of the pie in this super-competitive landscape of hundreds of similar brands. We explore deep into your brand, your potential buyer psyche, your competition and your marketing challenges to come up with concepts and designs those translate your vision into striking graphics and visuals for your entire range of branding collaterals. Our experienced team of design experts, work through the entire value chain of concept generation, visualization, layout generation, selection of colour and media, through to print and production, considering all the requisite variables, to ensure the best representation of your brand through your branding collaterals.

Seamless and integral to your overall branding strategy, our creations transcend to levels of sublime creativity, making your branding collaterals effective and stand-out in the melee of brands!


Get in touch with Cognitio at info@cognitio.com or call us on +1 (253) 242-1146 or +1 (415) 251-3173 or +91-79-4000 7881 and find out how we have imbibed various emerging industry trends to keep your nose ahead of competition and make your customers’ experiences enriching. Alternately you can request for information by filling up RFI/RFQ form.