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The Latest Trends in Product Packaging Design, Packaging Design trend 2014
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Latest Industry Trend

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Latest Industry Trend

Packaging design simultaneously feeds to the requirements of functional performance as well as branding. It not only ‘houses’ the product but also is intrinsic to the factors influencing the ‘buying decision’ of the consumer. Along with aesthetics, packaging is expected to be protective, sustainable and functional as well as environment friendly. Hence brand owners need to take into account the industry trends while drawing up on their branding and packaging design strategies.

Below, let us look at some of the emerging industry trends those have arrived on the scene to stay for good ….

1. Visual and Physical Presentation

It has been proven time and again that consumers are swayed not only through visual stimulation.
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2. Decoupling

‘Decoupling’ of tasks, i.e. splitting the creative aspect of packaging design from the execution and production has been gaining momentum
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3. New Age Codification

Smart phone applications are able to read and interpret multi-dimensional interactive bar codes appearing on packaging surfaces.
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4. Collaborative packaging design environment

Participants in the packaging design chain have started pitching in on mutually collaborative, consultative and feed-back driven transactions.
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5. Surface Space Management

Brand owners have faced challenges to key-in product information on the limited surface space available, without compromising on the functional design of the product’s packaging.
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6. Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety and Sustainable Packaging

Corporate Social Responsibility, Safety and Sustainable Packaging
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